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Let's Talk About It is the perfect place for anyone seeking personalized and in-depth discovery and recovering for childhood trauma counseling and therapy. The founder, who has experienced her own journey of self-discovery and growth, brings years of expertise and understanding to the table to assist you on your own path. Whether you're looking for individual or family counseling, Let's Talk About It has the services to help everyone find their own path to peace and success.

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My Story

Let's talk about it! is an experienced Christian counseling service, focused on helping individuals and families through tough times. I'm a license counselor and therapist  with a passion for helping individuals and families heal from traumas related to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. I have lived a life full of experiences, and have obtained all four of my degrees in four years. Through my own struggles, I have been able to heal and become a whole woman, ready to help others in their healing journey. Together, we can find the tools and strategies that will help you find your way to true healing.


Welcome to "Let's Talk About It!" - A personalize team of counselors and coaches ready to help guide You on your path to healing.


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